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Working method

Aim4Sales acts on your behalf as an extension of your organisation.

Clients are pleasantly surprised by the speed, transparency and participation that Aim4Sales brings. Aim4Sales is committed to think along with you in creating solutions and opportunities. The objective is, in essence to achieve the optimal result, being driven by commitment to deliver a solution, this should not be overlooked

Step 1: Requirement and Objective
Contribute effectively to promote the growth of your products and / or services. It is important for Aim4 Sales to understand and map your needs and aspirations. This is achieved as part of a free and open dialogue between the client and Aim4Sales, where a business plan can be developed together.

Step 2: Appointments and expectations
Aim4Sales becomes part of your organization, by enhancing the team effort between you and Aim4Sales. Aim4Sales keep listening to your needs and expectations by asking the right questions to provide a good picture of you Products and Services. This is essential to deliver the expectations of both parties and to make the joint cooperation a success.

Aim4Sales assigns a dedicated person to work fully committed to your project. Together step by step forward, learning from each other and Aim4Sales delivering solutions for those difficult areas of the Project. Anything is possible, as long as it works.

Step 3: Plan
Effective and successful planning prevents surprises. This begins deep in your organization and industry. Together Aim4Sales examine expanding both the existing potential, developing potential and new opportunities. Aim4Sales will prepare an effective and optimised plan, which can be formulated to achieve the desirable situation. The plan will comprise a time scale, which is aligned to the available timing, and interfaces with the organisation, it will take into account the resources required, and an initial draft budget, so that there are No surprises later.

Step 4: Implementation
Milestones and goals are defined. Accountability and responsibilities are clear and also defined. Key performance indicators are established.

Now – It’s time for action!

Throughout the project there are regular reviews and reports that ensure that he client is constantly, aware and kept up to date on developments or results. In this phase, the focus is on delivering results and value.

Step 5: Evaluation and Lessons Learned
Aim4Sales always strives to deliver a good and acceptable standard when delivering their services. A part of this includes an evaluation of each project with the people involved on the spot.
Effective improvements are the inspirations for the future.

For further infomations about what Aim4Sales can do for you, please contact:

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